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Catalogue 2019

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In my career I have seen many bartenders working on improperly selected equipment. To release completely the passion slumber in them it should be carefully selected their work tools. Trough that in significant way will be incurred businesss profitability and will affect further development. Barmatic - is a brand that I know well. I consult, approve projects and co-create products, which are directed to you. Let’s make a great bar together.

Tomek Małek
Barmatic Ambassador
Multiple Bartender World Champion in the Flair category
The head of the ROOTS Cocktail Bar at the „Vodka House” in Warsaw

Nowe zdjęcie

The most perfect dish, if not beautifully plated and presented, is incomplete. Dining perfection is ensured, by all the elements that make up an unforgettable dining experience. I was looking for porcelain that would provide a unique background to my dishes. I found such a porcelain solution in Fine Dine. Fine Dine provides every kitchen with an opportunity to stand out and delight its guests. I am proud together with Fine Dine to look, design and provide new solutions. Fine Dine provides you with product of uncompromising quality and exceptional style.

Chef Robert Skubisz
Fine Dine Ambassador

Fine Dine - a new dimension of taste

Fine Dine is a Polish distributor and producer of porcelain and general catering equipment trusted by many hotel, bar and restaurant owners around the world. We offer branded products and the availability of goods directly and immediately from the central warehouse in Poland and from auxiliary warehouses of our Partners throughout the country.

Our brand style is the subtle and practical minimalism of the form, so desirable in contemporary arrangements of the best premises. By choosing the Fine Dine brand, our customers become part of the prestigious world of HoReCa, where the equipment of a gastronomic establishment defines the concept of exclusivity and a premium level.

Why choose Fine Dine?

The answer is simple - Fine Dine is a brand valued both by suppliers and by owners of gastronomic premises, because having its products means belonging to the group of the best. An experienced team of our specialists always makes sure that the delivered products are always of the highest quality - we create tailor-made solutions!

The HoReCa industry is one of the fastest changing markets, where sometimes immediate reactions to unstable conditions are required - as experienced players in this field, we are well aware of this. That is why we do not offer half measures, but proven catering solutions and peace of mind, because you will not have to worry about the stability of our products.

So regardless of how fast these changes will take place and how the business will unfold, the owners of the premises who have chosen the Fine Dine brand can be sure of one thing - they have catering equipment that will never let them down. Fine Dine is an investment in success.

Gastronomy equipment - focus on the finesse of design

This feature, which is visible primarily in high-quality porcelain, whose performance impresses with its lightness, while meeting all the requirements for practicality and durability of the product during everyday use in a gastronomic establishment.

Cutlery, food warmers, shallow plates, as well as porcelain dishes, pizza plates or Fine Dine pasta plates - these are only part of our wide range of products. Get to know the full range of the brand and see for yourself that catering equipment - no matter if it is the equipment used just in the kitchen or going directly to the guest – it will delight you with its every detail.



Fine Dine Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa
02-486 Warsaw, Poland, Al. Jerozolimskie 200/2/0
Tel. +48 22 631 29 09
Fax +48 22 100 83 92