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The BARMATIC blast chiller is the answer to the need to own
in the kitchen or bar a small machine, but at the same time a large
cooling power and even freezing up to -40 °C to ideally suited
creation of fancy alcohol sorbets and ice-cream based on liqueurs.
Thanks to its compact construction, it can be placed on top of the
neutral counter, refrigerating or freezing table. Small height of the
machine allows you to set it even on the shelf under the counter,
which will save a lot of space to your work, which in the kitchen is
never too much.
An easy-to-use digital panel allows precise positioning of all
cooling parameters.
The standard probe enables control of the cooling process
and its automatic completion exactly at the moment
obtaining the desired temperature by food.
Cooling with the use of a set time is ideal
for small dishes such as blueberries, blueberries, strawberries,
mushrooms, etc.
The chamber is adapted to GN 2/3 containers
The door has a gasket and a hinge on the left
Comfortable profiled handle for opening the door
The frame of the door is equipped with a heater to prevent freezing
door in rapid freezing cycles
Cooling the unit with air
All of the pieces are made of stainless steel
Trouble-free operation in ambient temperature up to + 43 °C
and humidity relative air up to 65%
Coolant: R404A / R507