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Restaurant facilities - what do we forget about and is worth remembering?

The success of a gastronomic establishment works like a chain reaction - its beginning dates back to the moment when its owner chooses suppliers of all products necessary for the functioning of the kitchen, and ends with serving the Guests their orders. Well-stocked restaurant facilities are half of this success.

Chefs whose skills attract the most demanding customers to the restaurant have a huge role in achieving it. To help them present the best level of the restaurant in the best possible way, it is necessary to provide them with catering equipment that will not disappoint them in all conditions in which they will work. Fine Dine products are a guarantee of durability, which has been confirmed by many chefs around the world.

Catering equipment necessary in every kitchen

Regardless of whether the restaurant prepares dishes for current orders, operates a buffet or organizes catering, Fine Dine catering equipment is a proven solution for all conditions. We offer solutions for both à la carte restaurants, casual restaurants, cafes and bars. The offer includes, among others, steel induction heaters of solid construction, modern and elegant buffet stands, banquet trolleys with several levels or coffee brewers made of highly polished stainless steel.

Restaurant tableware - how to choose?

At a time when local product is becoming the trendiest concept among restaurateurs, Fine Dine offers affordable restaurant equipment, which, although produced on a larger scale, strongly refers to the tradition of locality. To understand exactly what the essence of the uniqueness of our products is, just review our offer of tableware for restaurants:

✔ high-quality porcelain, which includes, among others, pasta plates, pizza plates, bowls and shallow plates with increased strength and various colors (we offer colored plates, white plates and black plates),

cutlery made of steel of various thickness levels,

glass designed for many types of drinks and of different thickness.

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  • Adria dinner spoon

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  • Adria dinner fork

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  • Adria dinner knife

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  • Adria dessert spoon

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  • Adria dessert fork

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  • Adria dessert knife

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  • Adria tea spoon

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  • Adria coffee spoon

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  • Adria cake fork 150 mm

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  • Garda dinner spoon

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  • Garda dinner fork

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